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How Gymshare Works for Personal Trainers?

Only pay for the timeslots you use, no payments in advance, no financial risk.

  • Access to multiple Training Facilities, these facilities have time slots available for you to choose.
  • Low price - Gymshare is organised in half hour time slots, each half hour slot is €12.50. Use as many time slots are needed and we will invoice you at the end of the month.
  • No Rent – with all the facilities available it will no longer be necessary to seek a facility of your own to bring in income, allowing you to become more self-sufficient and retain more of your income.
  • No Equipment needed - each facility will have the necessary equipment to train your clients to the highest standard.
  • No Loans
  • Broader client base, you will no longer be restricted to one facility, you can train clients in an environment that suits you or them. Expand your client base to towns outside your own, bring more convenience to your clients.
  • Self-employed, you will be your own boss, work when you want for rates that suit you

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We are delighted to announce,
Gymshare has partnered with The Gym Advisors.

We aim to provide personal trainers with the ultimate progression opportunity in your career.
The Gym advisors will help you increase your client base.
Register and make it easier for clients to find you.
Trainers registered with The Gym Advisors will also get a 20% discount on the first ten sessions booked on Gymshare.
Need help finding a personal trainer near you?