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How Gymshare works for Fitness Centres?

  • Allow personal trainers to have access to your facilities to train their own private clients. This is done through a controlled and organised scheduling/payment system organised by Gymshare.
  • Increased and regular monthly income.
  • Gymshare and the personal trainers are fully insured.
  • You decide when you want personal trainers to have access to your facilities.
  • New members/new faces in your facility.
  • Extra Advertising from word of mouth between trainers and clients.
  • Minimal Extra work needed from training facilities. Gymshare will source personal trainers to use your facilities and maintain your needs throughout the service.
  • Gymshare has a zero tolerance policy on unacceptable behavior of trainers and their clients in the training facilities and will support the gyms decision to remove them from the premises.