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Our Mission

To provide opportunity and value to the fitness communities of Ireland. To encourage individualism and inspire the bold to reach their goals through a safe and supportive platform. You set your limits, your schedule, your lifestyle, it’s your business from the get-go.

What is Gymshare?

Gymshare was created to supply personal trainers with multiple top quality training facilities to train their clients in. Be your own Boss, work on your terms.

With Gymshare, you will no longer need to pay large expenses on bills or rent for premises, and no need to purchase expensive equipment. All you will need to do is pay and train, select a training facility, click a time slot and show up at the selected facility with your client.

Our Goal with Gymshare is to give each Personal Trainer an equal opportunity to achieve success in the fitness industry and to bring potential new members and clients into gyms and studios where these clients wouldn’t normally go.